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What is your number one goal, right now?Coach Edward MBA

Career Success – A Remarkable Relationship – Business Success – True Life Balance – Healthy Life

Together we will create the perfect Action-Plan to reach your goal and be Your Greatest Self.

Reaching Your Goal is simply a matter of knowing what you want, understanding why you want it, and then taking the action to reach it. My coaching method follows a simple yet powerful 7 step goal achievement process described in my book, The Success Habit Secret. Using the steps we guide you through creating a crystal clear vision of your goal, intense motivation about reaching your goal, and a solid Action-Plan plan for regular and consistent progress towards goal achievement success.

Prepaid discounts available. See below.

Coaching Methods and Rates

1-1 Coaching In-Person Coaching: $95/hr.

The most powerful method for making immediate, positive change. Completely focused on you. No distractions, no interruptions. 

Phone Coaching Phone/Skype Coaching:  $85/hr.

The benefits of working with a coach from your home or office with the power of live interaction and immediate feedback. 

EmailCoaching Email Coaching: $45 (2 Exchanges/Wk.)

Yes! Life Coaching through email. Great for business travelers. Work at your own pace wherever you have access to email. Convenient and effective for follow-up sessions. 

*Best after one or two in-person or phone sessions.

Prepaid Discount Offers — 10% Off Standard Rates

  Two In-Person Sessions only $171.00 

  Two PHONE or SKYPE Sessions only $153.00 

How Life Coaching Works

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with a coach? This short audio will explain what it’s like to work with a coach and how coaching sessions move you consistently forward fowards reaching your goals. Listen Now


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