What is Your Number One Goal This Year?

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Together we will create the perfect Action-Plan to reach your goal.

Reaching Your Goal is simply a matter of knowing what you want, understanding why you want it, and then taking the action to reach it.

So then,
– why don’t people reach their goals?

 – Why is it so hard to stay focused and on track?
 – Why isn’t good goal setting enough to be successful?

The truth is, goal setting is easy; goal achievement is the hard part. Lots of people start on the path to reaching their goals with good intentions and a reasonable plan to succeed. But something happens along the way. They lose their focus and drive. And, this leads to confusion and frustration.

When a life coach works with a client, they sharpen their focus, fire-up their internal drive and get the support they need to take consistent action towards reaching the goal.

The 3 Keys to Goal Achievement Success.

  • Crystal Clear Vision
  • Passionate Motivation
  • Consistently Aligned Actions

My life coaching method follows a simple 7 step goal achievement process to create a crystal clear vision of the goal, passionate motivation about reaching the goal, and a plan for regular and consistent actions to goal achievement success.

– – Testimonials

I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with Edward Aldama for several years. In both personal and professional situations Edward has been a true inspiration and a valued source of new creative ideas. Walter Chrysler wrote "the real secret of success is enthusiasm.”  Edward’s secret of success is challenging the best in everyone he touches through enlightenment, entitlement and a systematic path to enrichment. – I will continue to call on Mr. Aldama as I expand in my career. — Lynn W., Phoenix, AZ


Edward has a talent for shining the light on the pitfalls you may be too close to see.  Once I could "see" it was easier for me to move in the right direction. I am so glad I hired Edward. And, our sessions over the Internet via Skype were just as great as being there in front of him. — Shari H., Chicago, IL